“Weekly” exercise problems on GitHub

So, it was a while ago that I posted anything here, mostly because my eye or sauron has been fixed upon other stuff (me and my wife bought a flat, Bash and APL), but also because I am trying to build an open TDD Exercise repository with language agnostic problems.

I will mainly update the repo but also try to post here more frequently when I come across something interesting.

The repo solutions have been Makefile and non-OTP centric to keep it simple and on a level comprehensible for all.
However, I will be including more and more of the standard production level tools and components.

As for now, the aim is to keep it weekly or bi-weekly if I notice that I don’t have the time. Right now it’s that way.


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  1. htaubert

     /  May 2, 2012

    Hi Gianfranco,

    You could also take a look at the cyber-dojo (www.cyber-dojo.com) project by Jon Jagger, which has a rather large selection of languages , including Erlang, built into the framework. Jon is also happy to take in new ideas for excercises, especially if they are language-agnostic.

    A great idea nontheless!


  2. How can i contribute with you !?


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